Benefits of Sports to Improve Your Concentration

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Pablo Picasso once said that inspiration has to find you working, although it can also strike while you’re exercising. The famed painter himself found inspiration through sports when he was in his eighties, as shown in some of his works like “Footballeur” from 1965. Even illustrious minds found the idea of a healthy mind in a healthy body to be relevant. Although the connection between Picasso and sports may not be the most famous one, it’s a clear example that sports can also help improve your professional performance.

We’re increasingly tending towards a sedentary lifestyle. Long workdays and the conveniences provided by technology lead us to do little or no exercise. As Picasso himself demonstrated through his works, we can help you discover the benefits of exercise for your concentration and productivity.

A study published by the Journal of the International Neuropsychological demonstrated that exercise releases endorphins in the hippocampus, a fundamental part of the brain that’s responsible for regulating memory and learning. In simple terms, exercise improves our memory and helps us learn better. That’s why it’s essential to incorporate a sports routine for our mental development.

In order to achieve additional health benefits, adults should engage in at least 2 days per week of moderate to high-intensity activities — World Health Organization

What Kind of Exercise Can I Do to Improve My Concentration?


There are countless options for practicing sports if we want to release endorphins. However, different sports can help develop other skills and competencies transferable to the professional field. There isn’t a single specific type of exercise that is good, as all types report benefits. So when in doubt, it’s better to do any exercise than none at all. But ideally, it’s best to find a discipline that fits your needs and preferences better.

  • Athletics and running are great aerobic exercises that can improve your blood circulation and respiratory capacity. They are also mechanical activities that can help you clear your mind while you practice.
  • Crossfit is a type of activity that focuses on strength training and conditioning with high intensity. With this type of workout, you can strengthen your muscles and increase your endurance.
  • Functional training involves adapting the body’s natural movements to work muscles and joints. Its greatest advantage is that it can contribute to a general sense of well-being.
  • Swimming is another excellent exercise that, like running, can help you stay in shape and clear your mind with the repetitive movements in the water. Swimming is also one of the most complete sports, as it works the whole body.
  • Cycling can be an excellent way to discover new routes and get lost in cities. It is not necessary to have a demanding approach, simply cycling along the promenade or commuting to work and back can be beneficial. You can even practice it indoors at the gym through spinning.
  • Hiking is a great way to exercise and also breathe in fresh air and connect with nature, which has been shown to help improve cognitive function. Disconnecting while connecting with nature can also lower stress levels and lead to higher levels of happiness.
  • Active meditation and yoga are activities that promote relaxation and disconnection from daily tasks. They don’t require much time and can be done at home. They also help you focus on synchronizing your breathing and improving your body posture, which can contribute to better physical and mental health.
  • Team sports, such as hockey, volleyball, rugby, and basketball, require involvement and concentration to unify efforts and achieve the goal of victory. They can be great exercises to improve concentration and team spirit.
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Incorporating Exercise into Your Routine: A Plan for Success


It’s been shown that incorporating physical activity into your routine can improve your performance in other areas of your life. In fact, another study from the British Medical Journal concludes that incorporating physical activity in the morning can help with decision-making throughout the day. It seems like getting up early really pays off. So, to make exercise a part of your routine, it’s important to develop a plan and be disciplined.

You don’t need to have long sessions, but rather consistent ones. 45 minutes is enough. You can start by setting short-term goals, creating a calendar to track your progress and maintaining a good pace that fits your lifestyle.

Following these guidelines will help take care of your health, promote good joint and muscle function and, most importantly, oxygenate your brain.

During your education and throughout your work life, you’ll need to concentrate to perform your tasks. A great way to achieve this is to exercise regularly. It will not only help in this regard, but it will also provide health benefits.

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