4Y4N 2024: The Future of Entrepreneurship and Technology

Have you ever wondered what the world will look like in four years? While we may not have all the answers, gatherings like the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona can certainly give us some clues. This event is a great example of how innovation and entrepreneurship can shape the future. Here at EAE Barcelona, we’re excited to show how we can contribute to this movement through our participation in the 4Y4N event at the MWC.

4Y4N —Four Years From Now— is a dedicated space for entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and companies to come together and delve into the latest trends in technology and innovation. EAE Barcelona has also played a significant role in organizing events like Demo Day and the Impact Awards, where entrepreneurs from across the globe showcase their projects to investors, peers, and industry leaders.

This event has become a platform to showcase the endless possibilities that emerge when creativity and technology combine, showcasing projects ranging from apps addressing basic tasks like journaling to groundbreaking medical innovations.

Demo Day winner: Memooria


Throughout history, humans have recognized the importance of memory in passing down knowledge, traditions, and values to future generations. From this understanding comes “Memooria,” a project aiming to “capture life through voice,” as outlined by Fernando Pimentel, the visionary behind it and winner of EAE Business School’s Demo Day. This project not only secured the top prize but also vows to transform how we preserve and share our stories and memories, ensuring they remain vibrant and easily accessible rather than lost in the depths of our mobile galleries.




Impact Awards winner


This is exactly what Sara Toledano had in mind when she founded the startup “Sycai Medical,” which developed a device to non-invasively detect pre-malignant lesions of pancreatic cancer. “This award will give us more visibility and help us reach a wider audience for the project. It’s a morale boost for the team, showing that our work has a positive impact,” she explained upon receiving the award at the 2024 Impact Awards. Their project was recognized for aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a result of this award, Sara Toledano will receive a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree of her choice at EAE Business School. She will also gain access to various courses and training sessions offered by the school, including Soft Skills workshops, networking opportunities, and the chance to immerse herself in Barcelona’s entrepreneurial community.

“Great business ideas are born from the need to solve big problems.”

EAE Business School stands out for its forward-thinking and innovative approach, dedicated to tackling 21st-century challenges in unique ways. With a strong focus on entrepreneurship and creativity, we aim to empower students to drive change in society and confront future challenges. While we can’t predict the future four years from now, at EAE, we’re committed to anticipating and preparing for what may lie ahead.


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