5 Documentaries and Films for Entrepreneurs

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Every entrepreneur craves inspiration, and inspiration, just like a living entity, needs to be nourished daily. We can find nourishment for it in countless places and through various activities, but one place where we consistently discover inspiration is through stories, particularly when they come to life on the big screen.

We come across wit, innovation, and audacity in the stories of successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople from the past few decades, as well as in some fictional tales. Let yourself be inspired by these films and documentaries.

Films and Documentaries for Entrepreneurs


1. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. The Netflix documentary miniseries delves into the mind of one of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. It begins by posing a question: “What is your greatest fear?” to which Gates responds, “the fear that my brain will cease to function.” Over the course of two years, the documentary follows Gates in his daily life, aiming to uncover the inner workings of his mind, his approach to problem-solving, and his innovative solutions. This three-part miniseries also provides a glimpse into Gates’ personal life, particularly his current focus on philanthropy.

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2. Coco before Chanel —nominated for the Oscars and available on Amazon Prime— tells the story of the famous designer Coco Chanel and how she transformed the world of fashion. The movie showcases the challenging journey the designer had to undergo throughout her career, the obstacles she had to overcome in the industry, and her rise to becoming a legend. This film is not just for entrepreneurs in the fashion or design world; Coco Chanel’s story demonstrates the importance of staying true to your ideals, developing your own criteria, defending it, and overcoming prejudices that may limit your career.

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3. Abstract: The Art of Design is a Netflix series that has been nominated for an Emmy Award. It serves as a captivating source of creative inspiration, bringing together architects, photographers and designers from renowned brands such as Apple, Nike, Instagram and Ikea. One of the notable figures featured in the series is Tinker Hatfield, who played a pivotal role in the redesign of Nike footwear and the creation of the iconic Air Jordan line. The series is a treasure trove of creative insights, showcasing how design offers practical solutions that can be applied in both business and everyday life.

4. Moneyball is a film starring Brad Pitt that follows the fictional story of Billy Beane, a baseball coach facing financial difficulties with his team. This captivating movie showcases Billy’s ingenuity and resourcefulness, offering valuable lessons that extend beyond sports. Utilizing statistical analysis, he develops a unique strategy to tackle the team’s financial constraints. “Moneyball” is available for streaming on Netflix, providing an enjoyable and insightful experience for both sports enthusiasts and non-sports fans alike.

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5. We Pop Up is an 18-minute documentary that tells the story of The Pop Up Agency, a groundbreaking project initiated by six students from a Swedish university. The concept behind it was to create a nomadic agency that embraced the pop-up philosophy, taking on and completing projects within a strict 48-hour timeframe. This not only challenged the team to push their limits but also disrupted the creative industry itself.

These five documentaries and films showcase how creativity, resourcefulness, and boldness are essential elements for successful entrepreneurship.

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