“Human design reveals your inherent gifts and talents to boost your performance”

– What’s your favorite hobby?

+ Travelling and reading outdoors in nature.

– Which historical figure would you choose to discuss human design with?

+ Jesús or Buda.

– What’s your favorite word?

+ Spark.

– And the word that best describes you?

+ Authentic.

Zero is a company committed to introducing Human Design to the business sector. Led by its founder, María Luisa Alderuccio, also known as ‘Luli,’ the company employs a method that brings out the best in each individual, nurturing their unique skills and talents to apply them in the professional world.

At times, we unconsciously label people. That’s why Luli chose to name her company ‘Zero,’ symbolizing the moment when individuals are not confined by fixed definitions and have the opportunity to become whatever they aspire to be. In Luli’s words, it signifies “returning to that state where we encompass everything —our ‘I Am’— and from that truth, venturing into the world with all our gifts and talents.”


– What do you like most about Spain?

+ Its energy, its places and its people.

– And what about Argentina?

+ My family and friends.

– What stands out about Barcelona?

+ How it makes me feel. Its promise to let you be whoever you want, whenever you want.

Zero’s Formula

Zero emerged from the personal desire of its founder: “I had always worked for multinational companies until I decided to quit and start my own business.” During this process, Luli immersed herself in a profound personal quest, discovering a meaningful connection with meditation and the power of self-awareness. She found that these practices not only improved her business outcomes but also revealed the intrinsic link between personal wellness and professional performance. In her words, “These aren’t two separate realms; the more you invest in your well-being and inner growth, the better your professional results become.” 

This is how Zero came to be. Following extensive experience working with many different companies, Luli decided to help organizations using Human Design, Mindfulness, and Conscious Leadership. According to her, “this mix is just right for bringing people and businesses closer to a new way of working and living, from the inside out.”

Zero enters companies through two major gateways. At the first, Luli orchestrates group dynamics to nurture bonds among employees. In these sessions, she introduces Human Design, delves into its principles, and explores effective communication, decision-making, and interpersonal skills. This collaborative effort among the team fosters mutual understanding, promoting connections. This approach thrives in open company cultures and throughout long-term processes, ultimately organizing and enhancing employee well-being.

The second way to make a positive impact within a company involves direct collaboration with its leader, since their understanding of the team’s dynamics and individual abilities is crucial. Luli focuses on grasping these archetypes and actively collaborates in the process, making sure that the tools from Human Design workshops are used effectively.

Key aspects of Human Design

In the late 1980s, Human Design was introduced to Spain by a Canadian mentor. This system integrates various subsystems like the Kabbalah, I Ching, quantum physics, the chakra system, biology, and astrology. These subsystems are grouped within Human Design to reveal your natural configuration, based on your date, time, and place of birth, helping you function better and stand out. It also provides information about your innate gifts and talents, guiding you in decision-making and showing you how to succeed authentically in your own way.

“What I love about Human Design is that it shows us how much we need each other. When each person focuses only on their potential and allows others to support them in the rest, we can reach 100% success. Our 20% effort will achieve 80% of the results.”

Applying Human Design practically in both work and personal life

In the workplace, Human Design holds significant importance from three perspectives:

The organizational perspective involves placing individuals in the right position to efficiently achieve established goals and outcomes. This means truly understanding each person and figuring out where they will fit best in order to meet the expectations of their role.

Looking at it from the team perspective, Luli points out that Human Design becomes a valuable tool to foster a positive environment and drive superior outcomes. It encourages connections among team members, aligns expectations, and contributes to crafting teams in which everyone can unleash their full potential. This not only enhances team dynamics but also cultivates a more positive work atmosphere.

From a personal perspective, it helps you “feel like you’re in a place that aligns with your purpose,” but it also helps you understand yourself and invest your energy productively. This approach involves finding genuine meaning in your actions, supported by psychological safety, which is a key driver of performance in companies.

Also, understanding your own Human Design chart brings individual benefits. It’s like putting together pieces of a puzzle — things start to click. People begin to grasp why certain tasks are more challenging or why they feel uncomfortable in particular situations. 

Brújula sobre una mesa.


The program combines an international and multidisciplinary approach, with the development of essential skills for success, as well as self-assessment tools and planning of your professional life project and your goals.

More information

What is Luli’s chart?

When we learn about Luli’s chart, we get insights into the foundations of her design. Although it might seem like an unfamiliar concept initially, Human Design identifies four profile types (generators, projectors, reflectors, and manifestors).

“I’m a sacral generator 4-6, which means my purpose in this world is to generate energy, bring projects to life, and inspire enthusiasm in teams. If I were to take on a leadership role, I’d be the one saying: ‘Let’s do this! Let’s find the inspiration to figure out how to make it happen.’”

Starting a venture without that attitude is unimaginable for Luli. Her enthusiastic nature compels her to seek excitement in everything she takes on. If she’s given a project she doesn’t enjoy, it becomes challenging for her to complete it, and in such cases, it’s better for her to seek support from others.

Ultimately, understanding your Human Design chart is an essential tool for your work performance and personal fulfillment. It’s a highly useful strategy to amplify your skills and talents so that you can find yourself working in a place where you feel you belong and have the perfect team around you to achieve success.

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