The Power of an MBA: Advantages and Potential in the Business World

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Facing new challenges can be a thrilling thing, but before we take this path we must first establish a clear objective. The academic world offers us countless options, so it’s crucial to know what we want to pursue and the path we will take to get there. One of the most interesting choices is business management, especially if you have a passion for entrepreneurship and the business world.

Many students who choose this path opt for pursuing an MBA (Master of Business Administration). But a name alone doesn’t provide enough information. That’s why we’ll clarify what an MBA is and what its academic content is, as well as sharing the advantages it brings to your professional career.

What’s an MBA? 

A Master’s in Business Administration seeks to provide you with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to lead a company. The primary focus of this course is to nurture your development and enable you to perform effectively in various business functions. An MBA helps you enhance your leadership, planning and management abilities; refine your communication and strategic vision; boost employee motivation and adapt to changes swiftly and efficiently.

Also, by studying an MBA you’ll get the chance to engage in real-world internships with prominent companies in the industry and learn from experienced executives, fully immersing yourself in the business world and gaining first-hand experience. Another significant advantage is that you’ll have the opportunity to participate in learning bootcamps and explore simulations of real-life situations that have occurred in actual companies.

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This programme combines an international and multidisciplinary approach with the development of skills that are essential for success.

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What are the areas of focus of an MBA?

First and foremost, we must highlight a significant fact: according to various studies, pursuing an MBA can increase salary prospects by 12% to 90%. However, this doesn’t mean that you will magically land a job and start earning a substantial salary. To reach that point, it will require a good amount of effort, determination, motivation and enthusiasm.

Now, what exactly is the focus of an MBA? This type of master’s program prepares you to take on various roles in fields such as marketing, finance, accounting and human resources. Some of the mandatory subjects in an MBA typically include accounting, business strategy, economics, finance, marketing, statistics and more.

The MBA program wraps up with a Master’s Final Project, and as mentioned earlier, it also incorporates internships to give you valuable work experience.

With the MBA, you’ll acquire a comprehensive outlook, empowering you to carry out your responsibilities with great agility and professionalism.

What advantages does it offer for your professional career?

  • Shape your own future. Pursuing an MBA provides you with the opportunity to receive personalized support from the Department of Professional Careers: you’ll have a tailor-made career plan designed to prepare you for international job opportunities.
  • It will unleash the entrepreneur within you. The program aims to cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset, which is essential for innovation and problem-solving. Also, if you already have a business idea, you’ll have access to EAE Lab, a business incubator that provides training, funding opportunities and the necessary guidance to drive your project forward.
  • You will analyze real-life cases from which you will gain valuable insights. Learn by studying practical cases of relevant companies and projects in the business world, which are essential for facing the challenges and situations you will encounter in your professional career.
  • Similar to how pilots train on simulators, doing an MBA allows you to learn through the Business Game, a simulator that recreates real business situations and challenges to put your abilities to the test.
  • The professional and international network of contacts that you develop during an MBA is invaluable: you are in an environment with high-level professionals who share similar aspirations and ambitions as you do.
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Global MBA

Designed to accelerate the transformation of professionals or entrepreneurs with an intellectual drive, global ambition and desire to generate an impact in the world.

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  • It’s the star program of business schools and the ultimate program in the business world. An MBA is synonymous with excellence. Just like Olympic athletes train in high-performance centers, the top professionals who aim to lead the economic, strategic and business future prepare themselves by pursuing an MBA.
  • The only program that provides you with a holistic and detailed view of all the departments in a company, enabling you to create and/or lead them – from finance or marketing to human resources, logistics, operations and sales. An MBA equips you with the knowledge, tools and resources to achieve any professional goal you set for yourself.
  • An MBA prepares you to manage teams.
  • An MBA prepares you to lead business projects and identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to make successful decisions. It equips you with the ability to steer your career and company towards success by analyzing objective and numerical indicators, and more.
  • An MBA also equips you with the tools to read trends and anticipate changes in the local and global economy, so you can ensure the success of your career and company.

Don’t forget, an MBA opens up a world of diverse professional opportunities. With this degree, you can pursue careers as a marketing director, finance manager, production manager, CEO, executive director, strategic consultant, fund manager, or even become an entrepreneur. The MBA program at EAE Business School in Barcelona not only enjoys excellent international prestige but also offers the added benefit of immersing yourself in the thriving entrepreneurial environment of Barcelona, one of Europe’s leading capitals.

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