The 10 Most Expensive NFTs in the World

The NFT market is on the rise and artists have taken advantage of this boom. More and more, creators are taking their creativity to the digital world because of the benefits and possibilities it has to offer. The security features that blockchain offers and the relationship between artist and buyer —artists send tickets, autographs and other extra elements alongside with the work of art— increase the value of the pieces and people keep breaking records. Itzel Yard, for example, became the female artist with the highest NFT earnings when she sold “Dreaming at Dusk”; going from almost complete anonymity to one of the most valued artists in the world. Others, like Beeple, Xcopy or Pak, have also taken their chances and they are some of the artists you will find on our Top 10 Most Valuable NFTs in the World.

Top 10 most valuable NFTs in history

Nº10| A Coin for the Ferryman — 6M$

Famous digital artist, XCopy, created this piece. A Coin for the Ferryman was created in 2018, making it the first of this series, which may have had an influence on its price.

Nº9| Crossroad — 6.6M$

Digital artist, Beeple, is the creator of this 10-seconds piece. The renowned artist from the US gave us a dynamic work of art that was created with two alternative endings — which one would be played depended on the result of the American presidential elections: if Trump won for a second term, he would have been shown victorious; if defeat was the outcome, he would have been shown humiliated in the floor with insults in his body.


Nº8| CryptoPunk #7804 — 7.56M$

One of the most highly valued projects in the NFT market is CryptoPunk’s project. An NFT is one piece of art alone, but it can become part of a project — i.e. becoming part of a series. CryptoPunk’s aliens keep breaking records every month and their value hasn’t stopped rising. #7804 is only the first on the list.

NFT Cryptopunks #7804.

Nº7| CryptoPunk #3100 — 7.58M$

On March 11, 2021, the same day on which #7804 set a new purchase record, Alien #3100 took that record for itself.

NFT Cryptopunks #3100.

Nº6| CryptoPunk #4156 — 10.26M$

On December 9, 2021, Alien Punk #4156 became CryptoPunk’s third most expensive NFT out of the ten thousands that exist. In this case, it’s even more curious: this is one of the most profitable NFT deals — 10 months prior to this, he had bought it for 1,5M$.

NFT Cryptopunk #4156.

Nº5| CryptoPunk #5822 — 23.7M$

The last of the Aliens to make it to this Top 10. CryptoPunk #5822 broke all of the series records on February 12, this year, becoming the most expensive of all the aliens.

NFT Cryptopunk #5822.

Nº4| Human One — 28.98M$

Another piece by Beeple that makes it to this Top 10 of the Most Expensive NFTs in the World. This 3D video sculpture was sold in a live auction at New York’s famous Christie’s Gallery. The sculpture —a hybrid between the digital world of NFTs and physical art— is 2 meters high and shows images of a human being walking on a dystopian future.

Nº3| Clock — 52.7M$

Digital artist, Pak, created Clock in collaboration with Julian Assange, as a way to fight for the release of the founder of WikiLeaks. A counter shows how many days Julian Assange has been in prison. This NFT has also worked as a crowdfunding project and everything it has collected has gone towards the defense of the Australian activist.

Nº2| Everydays: The First 5000 Days — 69.3M$

The most expensive NFT ever sold by Beeple would become the third most expensive piece to be sold in an auction by a living artist. The piece consists of a collage made up of 5000 works of art that the artist had made everyday since 2007. More than 30 bidders took part in the auction. The piece was the fist of this kind of art that would be sold at Christie’s Gallery until it reached a record price at the last second.

This is how the artist experience that moment:


Nº1| The Merge — 91.8M$

On December 2, 2021, Pak’s piece broke all the records of the NTF art market. Almost 30,000 buyers bid together until the number went up to a total of 9,8M$. This is the only NFT on the list that’s owned by multiple owners. The peculiarity of this piece is that it wasn’t sold on Ethereum or some other crypto currency, but with tokens, that would later be combined in order to form dynamic NFTs. The visual composition of each NFT is different based on the amount of tokens that collectionists put into the piece. The combination between the renowned profile of the artist and the enigmatic aspect of the format, made The Merge the number one of the most expensive NFTs in the world.

NFT The Merge.

Special mention to the Bored Ape Yatch Clutch, known as NFT monkey. It caused a furor when it came out and continues to make huge profits. However, it has also fallen on both financially and organizationally. For example, the project’s principal founder, Wylie Aronow, took a break from work due to congestive heart failure..

Earlier in the year, the launch of a new collection called The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey was also announced.

NFT Monkey.

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