The most reliable compass – Lilia Carnaúba

Lilia Carnáuba en Historias que comienzan en EAE.

The most reliable compass

Lilia Carnaúba

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We all have good stories to tell: stories of life, challenges, hopes, fears and achievements. At EAE we still hear the footsteps of great protagonists who have passed through our corridors and nothing makes us more excited than to meet them again to share their stories with us. These are stories of the  bravest and explorers…. Stories that must be told.

But what happens when our protagonists don’t know the beginning of their own story? Anything can happen! Stories That Begin at EAE is an amazing new interview format – meet the faces and stories of our source of pride: our alumni.

Learning is essential for a person to fit into the work environment – Lilia Carnaúba

People need references to look up to, goals that serve as guides along the way, have a final destination to not to feel lost…

The protagonist of this new chapter of Stories that begin in EAE, Lilia Carnaúba, had references and final destinations. However, along the way she discovered that her real goal was to be happy with what she did. A thought that would completely change her life.

Discover Lilia’s story.

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