Barcelona, City of Sports

According to the global ranking by Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW), Barcelona is the fourth most sporty city in the world, trailing only behind New York, London, and Los Angeles. This is no coincidence.

In Barcelona, sports are ingrained in daily life beyond mere activities; they’re essential to its residents’ lifestyle. From marathons to regattas and cycling competitions, the city has become a true global sports destination, and its reputation further solidified after hosting the 1992 Olympic Games.

However, beyond the big events, Barcelona offers an impressive sports infrastructure, with numerous sports centers and outdoor spaces tailored for various activities. Let us tell you about some of these activities you can enjoy in Barcelona so you can discover why this city is a true haven for sports lovers.

Barcelona in Motion: Sports That Define the City


With beaches such as Barceloneta, Mar Bella, or Bogatell, Barcelona becomes an excellent spot for swimming enthusiasts in the sea and beyond. The city’s municipal pools, scattered throughout, offer more than just places for training and leisure—they’re also venues for competitions that draw talent from across the nation and globe. One prominent event is the Mare Nostrum Barcelona Championship, part of a prestigious circuit that attracts the world’s top swimmers.



The city also offers plenty of parks and tracks tailored specifically for runners. For instance, routes through Joan Miró Park, El Clot, Ciutadella Park, or Montjuïc Castle, along with the seaside promenade. Barcelona also shines with events like its marathon and half marathon, drawing thousands of local and international runners annually. These routes wind past iconic landmarks like the Sagrada Familia, Passeig de Gràcia, and Casa Batlló, providing a unique opportunity to soak in the city’s architectural and cultural charm while staying active.

Water Sports

But Barcelona isn’t just known for its beaches; it’s also a hub for sailing events and other water sports. A significant event in this realm is the Conde de Godó regatta, which annually attracts sailing competitors from around the world. However, in 2024, Barcelona has become the host of the 37th America’s Cup of Sailing, the most prestigious event in this sport. Here, teams from different countries compete in a series of regattas, showcasing their skills in Port Olímpic, an iconic nautical location in Barcelona.


While it might not be immediately apparent, cycling holds a special significance in the hearts of Barcelona’s locals, thanks in part to the city’s abundant bike lanes, making it easy to indulge in this sport. Yet, what truly sets Barcelona apart is its mountain biking scene. The Collserola Mountain Range acts as a haven for those craving off-road adventures, offering exhilarating experiences amidst nature. Even Montjuïc, renowned for its cultural and tourist attractions, offers fast and accessible mountain biking trails without straying too far from the urban center, along with incredible city views.



Last but not least (especially not in this case), there’s football. FC Barcelona stands tall as one of the world’s most renowned and successful teams, boasting a lineup of legendary players. Yet, it’s more than just a club—it’s a cultural cornerstone, uniting people from every corner of the globe. In essence, football in Barcelona isn’t just a game — it’s woven into the city’s fabric, igniting pride and passion among its diverse residents.

EAE Business School Barcelona and Sports: Football Day

EAE Business School Barcelona understands the significant role sports play in this city. That’s why it fully embraces Barcelona’s sports culture to host unique events like EAE Football Day.

On February 17th, EAE Barcelona Business School held its second annual EAE Football Day at the Horta Velodrome, bringing together sports and camaraderie. The event featured music by DJ German Font and commentary from David Recanses. The team “Tigers,” made up of undergraduate students, emerged victorious, earning medals, EAE gifts, and a catamaran excursion as prizes.

Football Day isn’t just a tournament but also a testament to EAE’s dedication to providing students with a university experience beyond classrooms and theory. It’s a way to showcase to students from all over the world everything Barcelona has to offer, including its rich sports culture.

This initiative by EAE is the perfect example of how sports can serve as a bridge between education and well-being, offering students a broader insight into what the city has to offer. Barcelona is more than just a tourist destination — it’s a community that celebrates sports in a unique way, making this city an ideal place to study, learn, and live.


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