The Best Neighborhoods for Master’s Students in Barcelona

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If you’re considering moving to Barcelona or already in the city, one of the crucial aspects will be choosing the right place to live. It’s a decision that brings anticipation for the new beginning it entails, but we understand that it can also lead to doubts and confusion. You’ll want to know about the ambiance of the neighborhood, its convenience in terms of proximity to your study or work center, transportation connections, as well as the availability of leisure, cultural and artistic activities.

That’s why we took to the streets of Barcelona and interviewed international master’s students and young professionals to create the definitive guide to Barcelona’s neighborhoods. Among them, we encountered a diverse range of situations, from those living alone or with partners, to those sharing apartments or embracing co-living arrangements. However, what they all shared was an undeniable fondness for the city.

We found that Barcelona is the perfect city for the international professional scene due to its incredible blend of mountains and beaches, creating an ideal work-life balance. Moreover, Barcelona is known for its delightful climate, Mediterranean cuisine and multicultural environment. All of these factors make it an excellent city for the international audience, whether you’re a professional, digital nomad or considering pursuing a master’s degree.

Now, let’s take a look at the top neighborhoods for master’s students in Barcelona.

1. Sant Antoni: for specialty coffee lovers and culture enthusiasts

Sant Antoni is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Barcelona right now, located in the iconic district of L’Eixample. Its safety and central location make it a popular choice for the international crowd. This neighborhood has a great atmosphere and offers a diverse range of dining options. In fact, Sant Antoni is known for its abundance of specialty coffee shops with attractive aesthetics, making them perfect places to work on your university assignments.

Another perk of Sant Antoni is its lively nightlife. In close proximity, you’ll discover places like the legendary Sala Apolo, situated in Poble-Sec, renowned for its Nasty Mondays events and its fusion of genres, including rock, indie, garage and electro-rock.

Foto aérea de Barcelona, L'Eixample.

2. El Born: for those who want to be close to everything and within walking distance of the sea

If you’re looking for a neighborhood that offers easy accessibility, proximity to various amenities, and a vibrant atmosphere with plenty of people around, then El Born is the ideal choice. Its central location, abundance of local establishments and lively ambiance make it a perfect spot for those seeking a dynamic and bustling environment.

If you’re looking to go out and party, the Raval is just a short distance away, offering a plethora of bars where you can have a great time with your friends and roommates or university peers. Also, in close proximity to El Born, you’ll find Plaza Cataluña, one of the most well-known and bustling areas of Barcelona with a vibrant commercial scene.

3. Vila de Gràcia: the neighborhood with charm and a bohemian atmosphere

Vila de Gràcia is known for its charm, tranquility, and welcoming atmosphere. The neighborhood is home to cool bars and a multitude of shops, making it a comfortable area for shopping.

What makes this neighborhood truly captivating is its preserved bohemian atmosphere, particularly in its historic part. You’ll discover vintage fashion stores, ethically conscious businesses, places to buy organic produce or craft beer. It has become a favorite among students for its bohemian charm, evoking a small-town vibe. Vila de Gràcia is also known for its coworking spaces (providing ideal environments for completing your work) and its abundance of artist shops scattered throughout its streets.

It’s also a great area to enjoy daytime activities on weekends or after your university classes. In this neighborhood, you’ll find the renowned Plaça del Sol, bustling with terraces where you can soak up the outdoors while enjoying a craft beer with your friends.

Another advantage of this neighborhood is that it doesn’t experience an overwhelming amount of tourism, despite being one of the most popular areas in Barcelona. It’s also conveniently located relatively close to the city center, just a twenty-minute journey by public transportation. In terms of cultural offerings, you can visit Gaudí’s Casa Vicens or enjoy the renowned ImproShow at Teatreneu.

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4. Vila Olímpica (Poblenou): beaches and terraces with views of the sea

This neighborhood hosted the 1992 Olympics, and it was through this event that it became one of the most popular areas in Barcelona. Vila Olímpica offers a wide range of options for your leisure time. You can stroll along its spacious avenues, relax on terraces with friends while enjoying the sea views and take advantage of its parks and access to beaches, including the renowned Nova Icària Beach.

This area features spacious and modern apartments, along with a marina and wide avenues perfect for sports activities.

5. Gothic Quarter: a historic neighborhood characterized by art

The Gothic Quarter, which belongs to the Ciutat Vella district, is renowned for its historical significance, encapsulating the essence of ancient Barcelona. Its main advantages lie in its central location and excellent public transportation connections. By choosing to live in the Gothic Quarter, you’ll be in close proximity to prominent areas such as Plaza Catalunya, Passeig de Gràcia and the L’Eixample district.

Another notable characteristic of the Gothic Quarter is its vibrant art scene. It stands as one of the most important areas in the city when it comes to cultural events and activities. Within the neighborhood, you’ll discover art centers like the renowned Gaudí Exhibition Center.

6. Dreta de l’Eixample: exclusivity, prime location and tranquility

This neighborhood is situated to the right of Passeig de Gràcia and is renowned for its elegant and exclusive ambiance. Despite being in close proximity to the iconic Sagrada Familia, it retains a tranquil atmosphere, making it less bustling than other neighborhoods. If you’re a student seeking a balance between leisure options and a peaceful environment for studying and relaxation, this neighborhood is perfect for you. Dreta de l’Eixample offers a a wide array of bars and restaurants, making it an ideal place to enjoy your university years and make plans during your free time.

Its prime location allows for easy transportation to other areas of the city, whether by public transportation or on foot. This neighborhood also boasts several libraries where you can study and prepare your assignments.

Foto Plaza España, Barcelona.

7. Barceloneta: for sea and sports enthusiasts

If you’re someone who loves engaging in outdoor sports, witnessing the sea daily and participating in activities such as longboarding, surfing and yoga, Barceloneta is the perfect neighborhood for you. Not only will you enjoy breathtaking views, but you’ll also have ample opportunities for sports and a convenient location for exploring the city.

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