Summer Activities in Barcelona for Your Creativity

Ciudad de Barcelona

Spending a summer in Barcelona offers far more than just attending festivals or sipping beers on its terraces. During this time, “Ciudad Condal” can be a well of inspiration, innovation and creativity. That’s why we offer you a range of activities to enjoy while also fostering these skills, so that you can return to the office after the summer with fresh and revitalized ideas.

5 activities to boost your creativity and innovation.

  1. Digital art to foster your innovation.

 Digital Impact is more than just a digital art exhibition; it’s an immersive and interactive experience. This is the perfect plan for those who not only appreciate innovation but also strive to foster it. The expo showcases generative creations crafted with artificial intelligence, interactive artworks that mimic human movements using sensors, and pieces that visualize data, like the ‘digital creatures’ that appear with every Tinder ‘match’.


2. Boost your creativity with games

Throughout the rest of the year, we’re responsible adults — working, following schedules, paying bills and tidying up the house. But how about we reclaim the summer and relive our childhood by playing again? Neuroscience has shown that play stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain, responsible for creativity and emotional regulation. So, not only will this activity be enjoyable and fun, but it can also mentally reconnect you with your creativity and bring back new ideas when you return to work.

That’s why we recommend Barcelona Bosc Urbá, an adventure park where even adults can have an absolute blast. With ropes, logs, zip lines, and trampolines over five meters high, it’s a place to let go and enjoy the freedom of playing like a kid again. Embrace your inner child and let the creativity flow!

3. Dinner with the stars

Cooking is an art, and when you combine it with astronomy, it creates the perfect combination for enjoying the summer and stimulating your senses. This unique experience not only allows you to indulge in delicious Mediterranean cuisine but also enhances skills such as observation while contemplating the wonders of the solar system. That’s exactly what the Fabra Observatory offers with “Sopars amb estrelles” – dinner with the stars.

These delightful dinners take place at the institution’s viewpoint, providing breathtaking views of the vibrant city of Barcelona. After the meal, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a conference where you can ask questions and quench your curiosity about the cosmos. And the evening culminates in the grand dome, where you can observe the solar system through one of Europe’s largest and oldest telescopes. It’s an extraordinary way to savor the summer nights and connect with both the culinary and celestial wonders!


4. Nurture your creativity outdoors.


One of the best ways to nourish your creativity is by enjoying the art of other creators. Movies can be great sources of inspiration, whether you’re a writer, designer or content creator. We suggest doing this with a view of the sea by attending Cinema Lliure a la Platja, on San Sebastián Beach in Barceloneta.

Another fantastic option to foster your creativity is this fantastic plan that includes cinema, live music and outdoor picnics at Sala Montjuïc — set in the iconic surroundings of the famous Montjuïc Castle.


5. Take a break at the outskirts beaches 

We encourage you to take some time to rest this summer. Relaxing and doing nothing, although it may have a bad reputation, will help your mind disconnect from work and obligations. Giving your brain a break will contribute to returning to the office with more clarity. For that, we suggest you visit some of the beaches in the towns of Gavà and Calella. There, you can find crystal-clear waters and a more tranquil environment, allowing you to return to work feeling rejuvenated and motivated.

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