HR: Beyond Workforce Management

Managing personnel isn’t its sole purpose — within the workplace, the HR team takes on the role of an orchestra conductor, harmonizing all aspects involving the individuals within every organization.

While hiring and firing are commonly linked functions, the department’s role extends much further. Human Resources is a fundamental cornerstone for any organization’s operation, playing a crucial part in a company’s sustained growth.

Beyond workforce management

Professionals trained in Human Resources go beyond addressing routine processes like hiring, payroll management, and employee training. The knowledge acquired in HR through an advanced training program also opens doors to specialized and strategic roles that significantly influence organizations’ performance and overall success. Let’s explore some of these opportunities.


Expert in occupational risk prevention

An interesting opportunity lies in the field of occupational risk prevention. These professionals ensure the company maintains a safe and healthy work environment for its employees. These experts are responsible for conveying relevant business information to management and staff, as well as implementing emergency plans when needed.

According to Law 31/1995, dated November 8th, on Occupational Risk Prevention, in Spain, it’s mandatory for companies with over 5 employees to hire an occupational risk prevention service. This ensures the safety and health of employees at the workplace, highlighting the crucial role of specialized professionals in this area.

Also, if the company exceeds 100 employees for a period longer than 30 days, it’s not only required to have this service but also to have an occupational risk prevention team included in the staff.

Máster en Big Data & Business Analytics

El Máster en Big Data & Business Analytics te ayudará a combinar el desarrollo de competencias técnicas y tecnológicas con las capacidades analíticas, de gestión y liderazgo que requiere un negocio para que pongas en marcha tu proyecto de transformación e innovación.


Employment and local development advisor

Another career path within Human Resources involves employment and local development consultancy. Generally, these professionals work in the public sector, such as municipalities or local organizations, focusing on driving socio-economic growth in their specific region. A crucial element for effectively fulfilling this role involves a deep understanding of the local job market and opportunities to encourage quality employment and foster the creation of new businesses.


HR analytics expert

Another field that’s on the rise within this profession is HR analytics. It involves leveraging big data to gather and analyze employee information within a company, aiming to enhance decision-making, performance and business outcomes. By using insights extracted from various data sources like recruitment, team performance, and employee satisfaction, HR teams can improve different aspects of the company, contributing to overall better results.



These professionals can work in leading consulting firms or smaller companies; some may even choose to work independently. Their primary role involves providing guidance to companies during critical junctures such as the launch of new projects, establishment of work centers, implementation of restructurings, or in cases of business closures.

The Human Resources field offers a vast array of job opportunities, providing various avenues for specialization and abundant prospects. The adaptability of this training empowers graduates to make a substantial contribution to the growth and enduring success of different organizations, emphasizing its influence on workplace safety, efficiency, and employee welfare.

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