5 Entrepreneurship Events in Barcelona

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The people we surround ourselves with have a profound impact on our behavior: the decisions we make, the actions we take, and even our thought patterns are influenced by those in our environment. This holds true for entrepreneurial ventures as well. As best-selling artist and writer Julia Cameron once said, “Take the leap, and the safety net will appear.”

She said it herself: the safety net is already there. It’s our job to seek it out. Going solo in entrepreneurship is no longer in style. Thanks to networking, we can now share ideas, be infused with creativity and inspiration, and find solutions to our problems from those who have experienced and conquered them. Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, but that doesn’t mean we have to endure it alone. Embracing the challenge brings about change and excitement, and it often marks a fresh start.

To make sure you have some company as you embark on this exciting journey, we’ve compiled a list of five entrepreneurship events in Barcelona that will not only make the process more enjoyable, but also provide you with inspiration, the chance to learn from others and create valuable new networks of contacts.

Five entrepreneurship events in barcelona you should know about

Find inspiration from other entrepreneurs who have successfully built their businesses


The creators of this event are the founders of We Are Grit, a group of entrepreneurs who seek to alleviate the isolation that comes with starting a business on your own. They aim to connect people who are in the process of creating their own projects with others who have already accomplished it, fostering a sense of community and support.

This event is called #NoBullshitTalk: a space to talk about what it’s really like to embark on the entrepreneurial journey — no sugarcoating, no romanticizing the process and featuring individuals who have founded successful companies. In this edition, we’ll have Josep Casas, co-founder of Naturitas, an e-commerce platform for natural and organic products that operates in over 20 countries and offers a portfolio of more than 90,000 products.

In this session, Josep will share his entrepreneurial journey and delve into how he successfully created not only Naturitas but also other ventures in the fashion, technology and investment sectors.

Also, after the event, they offer a relaxed and enjoyable post-event hang-out where participants can engage in friendly and close conversations. It’s an enriching experience that will benefit you both as an individual and as an entrepreneur.

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Networking with workshops, games and talks with experts


Starting a business doesn’t have to be a dull or overly serious process. Through networking, you can make it more enjoyable. In fact, that’s precisely what this event is all about: meeting fellow entrepreneurs, creating new opportunities and having a great time while playing games, grabbing a coffee and exploring Barcelona together.

You’ll connect with entrepreneurs from different sectors and learn from each other. In fact, these connections can potentially lead to new proposals, collaborations or even working together. The event takes place from noon to 5 pm, and the meeting point is the iconic —and highly Instagrammable— Arc de Triomf.

You can indulge in insightful talks by experts and participate in a range of exciting activities, including role-playing games and hands-on workshops, aimed at developing your communication and negotiation skills.

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Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Designed based on two core concepts: having a real experience in the development of key aspects of entrepreneurship and having the necessary fun during the learning process.

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Learn how to scale your business and increase your profits


If you’re eager to learn how to increase your business revenue and scale your business, the Bcapital event, held on the last Thursday of each month, will be incredibly helpful to you.

This event will feature the founder of the globally renowned Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Verne Harnish — an American entrepreneur, consultant, and author specializing in leadership, strategic planning, and business growth. His organization brings together over 12,000 successful entrepreneurs across 50 countries.

The event will kick off at five fifteen with a panel discussion, creating a space to delve into the role of women in the realms of entrepreneurship, innovation and investment. Successful women investors and entrepreneurs will actively participate in the discussion.

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Learn how to develop your leadership skills


One of the most crucial skills when it comes to building a business is leadership. It’s a skill that can be learned, trained and developed. Being a good leader goes beyond simply being a boss or business owner; it means being able to recognize the talents of individuals —their unique qualities and strengths that others may have overlooked. It involves effective communication with your team to bring out the best in each person and surrounding yourself with talented professionals who can contribute to your own growth and that of your business.

This event specifically addresses this topic: the essential requirements for effectively leading your business venture. Its creator, coach Michael Lin, will share the seven key principles that, based on his extensive business experience, will empower you to lead your company in a manner that generates opportunities — what he refers to as “creating your own luck”.

The following topics will be explored to help you develop and enhance your leadership skills:

  • Taking the skills that helped you get where you are today to the next level.
  • What is the main operating system update you need to make on your own and why can no one else do the update for you?
  • How to maintain a positive mindset when surrounded by negativity.
  • Learn to create “your own luck”: how to be the one who creates opportunities for yourself.
  • Authentic ways to increase your confidence level.

Learn how to make a living off the internet listening to real-life experiences


The Digital Jam brings together individuals who have successfully leveraged the power of the internet to create thriving online businesses. It will feature twelve speakers who’ll share the methods they used in their own ventures, their experiences in the journey of achieving a profitable business, the successes they experienced and the mistakes they made along the way.

The participants will include entrepreneurs who have been featured on Forbes’ prestigious TOP 100 Best Influencers list, award-winning business owners in the marketing sector, SEO experts and professionals in Artificial Intelligence.

The event will be held at Aribau Multicines, and once the presentations are over, there’ll be an after-work session right there, featuring a live DJ. It’ll provide an opportunity for you to not only do some networking but also engage in one-on-one conversations with the event speakers in a more informal and personal atmosphere.

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