Creative Sparks: 5 Unique CV Ideas for Inspiration

Did you know that 75% of CVs get rejected even before they reach recruiters? It may be for lack of experience or because our profile doesn’t match the position. However, it’s also because most CVs just look alike — generic CVs that use the same template and lack originality.  The layout of your CV is one of the first things that catches a recruiter’s eye. In just a quick glance, you’ve got to show them why your resume is worth a deeper look.

That’s why, besides having relevant and well-organized information, it’s crucial for your application to stand out in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Some individuals have taken this task a step further. Beyond just an eye-catching design or original content, these candidates have made their resumes memorable through their originality and boldness.

5 examples of a creative and original CV


1. Spotify playlist: Songs that make up a CV

Under the title “This list isn’t meant for listening, but for reading,” José María Díaz adopted a unique strategy: he composed a playlist where song titles served as his cover letter.

Creating a total of 20 personalized playlists, he tailored each to specific advertising agencies. Each playlist carried a personalized touch, extra details, and links to his blog. To take a look at one of these playlists, click on this link:

2. Timelapse and video CV

Video resumes offer a chance to get creative and narrate our career path in unique ways. In this instance, a French candidate shone by using storytelling techniques to showcase his professional journey through illustrations, timelapse sequences, and portfolio snippets. He crafted an incredibly creative 5-minute video, drawing inspiration from the popular YouTube format “Draw My Life.” Benoît, an illustrator and visual communicator, naturally excels in these formats. Yet, with some time and dedication, we can gain inspiration from the tools he uses to create an original and distinctive video CV.

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3. CV adventures

A CV shouldn’t just be a list of facts and dates; it should be a way to tell your professional story, one that engages the reader. To accomplish this, many people choose to create a narrative CV, sharing their life and work journey.

An example of a narrative resume is Dinara Ishmuratova’s, who employs an illustrated timeline to showcase her work experiences in various countries, accompanied by her dreams and professional goals. She used the adventure genre to narrate her story, roughly following the structure of the hero’s journey.

It also features a section in which she explains how she created this CV and why she chose this format to showcase who she is.

4. The Amazon product CV

A lot of people think you need to be an expert in IT, programming, design, or web development to make an impressive and unique online CV. But in reality, just by making a simple webpage with a nod to something everyone knows, you can easily grab the attention of recruiters.

This is the case of Philippe Dubost, a Web Product Manager. He created a website resembling Amazon (, portraying himself as a product that companies need to “buy”. The standout feature? His skills, professional experiences, and accomplishments.

So, if you’re looking to create an online CV or a complementary portfolio and don’t know where to begin, this is a fantastic example that can spark inspiration. By uploading it to a website, you’ll also ensure that the document won’t get lost, and any interested company will be able to access it whenever necessary.

5. A CV in the shape of pills: Corrado Grilli’s creative recipe

In today’s world, originality and creativity are often linked to new technologies and the internet. However, more and more people are opting for offline or hands-on projects to demonstrate their innovation and originality.

Designer Corrado Grilli has experience in crafting album covers, posters, and logos for various music artists. Yet, he showcased his creativity uniquely through his CV format imitating a medicine. Grilli devised a pill blister pack featuring his name and professional details, cleverly resembling a headache remedy. This inventive approach caught recruiters’ eyes, highlighting his wit and humor. It’s a prime instance of innovation using simple materials and a dash of creativity.

Most common mistakes you need to avoid

As we craft a document like this, we might sometimes get overly creative, which can lead to making mistakes that companies consider more important than we realize.

When creating a different and original CV, it’s important not to overdo it and maintain an appropriate tone. We need to manage our resources so that our resume reflects our professionalism and capability.

Equally essential is honesty. It’s never a good idea to lie on your CV, including listing business projects where you didn’t contribute or inflating non-existent years of experience.

Balance is key. Overloading with too many visual elements, creativity, illustrations, or different font types can diminish the appeal and understanding of your resume. Simplicity is your greatest ally, making your resume not only more readable but also more enticing because often, “less is more.”

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