6 Apps for Managing Your Time as a Digital Nomad

Time is something we’re always chasing. There never seem to be enough hours in a day for all the things we want to do, and we’re often glancing at the clock, counting down to the next task. Undoubtedly, time is our most valuable and scarce resource.

To make the most of our time and be more efficient, it’s essential to learn time management. And there’s a working model where time management becomes particularly relevant: that of digital nomads.

Proper time management as a digital nomad is crucial to make the most of the opportunities this lifestyle offers. Planning tasks, setting up systems, automating processes, prioritizing goals, and maintaining a flexible routine enable you to truly embrace the freedom that this work style provides. If you’re a digital nomad, freelancer, or work independently, and you feel there’s room for improvement when managing your time, don’t worry; we’ve compiled the best apps to help you make the most of it.

6 apps to make the most of your time


1. Toggl

It’s an app that helps you track the time you spend on various tasks. It has to be done manually — you start and stop the timer for each activity. In Toggl, you can create different projects to categorize and check the time spent on each. You can also add specific tasks within each project to further track your time. A notable feature, especially for freelancers, is the option to set an hourly rate, which helps you calculate the cost of your work.


2. aTimeLogger

This app serves as a great alternative to Toggl. It lets you manage your time beyond just work-related tasks. The app comes with preset categories (sleep, transportation, meals, reading, work, etc.) that reveal how you spend every minute of your day, allowing you to assess your time management on your own terms. Also, you can view a summary of all your time-related data through graphs and reports.


3. ClearFocus

Clear Focus goes beyond managing your overall time and aims to boost productivity during work sessions. Based on the highly effective Pomodoro Technique, this app offers a 25-minute timer for focused work without interruptions. After that, a 5-minute countdown encourages a brief break from your ongoing task. The app notifies you with an alarm when your focused time is up, signaling the start of your break.


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4. Forest

This app is a go-to for those battling the urge to check their phones while working. Like Clear Focus, its aim is to help you concentrate on one task without distractions for a set time. What sets Forest apart is that every task starts by planting a virtual tree that grows as long as you stay focused—unless you cave in and use your phone. It motivates you by growing a more abundant forest the more 30-minute cycles (with 5-minute breaks) you complete.


5. Focus To Do

Here’s another tool to beat procrastination and amp up your work efficiency. Focus To Do also adopts the Pomodoro technique for time management. This app lets you organize tasks by categories, set reminders, and plan your schedule. Starting tasks is as easy as setting the timer for the desired duration. Plus, it offers more detailed stats, including daily, weekly, and monthly analyses of time spent on each task.


6. TimeTune

This app works differently compared to the others. TimeTune lets you craft your own routines, such as your winter or summer routines, days off, or even your work-from-home days, outlining the activities you typically do during each. This way, you can easily track and visualize the time you spend on your personalized routines.

There you have it—these apps can be your go-to for mastering that freelance work routine. At The Switch, we believe in striking a balance where leisure, work, and exercise all find their place in our lives. However, juggling it all can feel overwhelming. That’s why there’s no better time to lean, even if just a bit, on technology to make things easier.

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